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2nd Chef De Mission SEA game 2019

2nd Chef De Mission SEA game 2019

Delegates from Laos attending Chefs de mission second meeting on Thursday, July 11, 2019  at Philippine. Leader team by Mr. Kasem INTHALA Vice president of Lao NOC, Mr. Sengphone PHONAMATH Secretary General of Lao NOC, Director General of Elite Sport Dept and Some official from elite sport Dept, which Their first meeting was held in November last year.

The Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee gave them a detailed report. They were updated on the preparations and were assured that internal issues hounding the country’s Olympic body won’t affect the games.

While in the country, the chefs de mission will be toured around the game venues including the New Clark City in Tarlac where the aquatics and athletic competitions will be held. They will also visit the Philippine Arena — the venue of the opening ceremonies.

As for the Philippine athletes, senior deputy chef de mission Stephen Fernandez said they are all focused on training and are raring to deliver medals for the country.

To ensure that the conduct of competition will be at optimal level, the chefs de mission will be bringing home technical handbooks containing the regulations, guidelines, and other pertinent details related to the games.

The 30th Southeast Asian Games will run from November 30 to December 11 this year. There are 56 sports and 523 events spread across 39 venues in Clark, Subic, Tagaytay, La Union, Batangas, and Metro Manila, 


Reference resource from https://2019seagames.com/index.html

Sports Administrator Course for Savanakhet Province had enhanced knowledge


Sports Course for Savannakhet province is to upgrade their ability and knowledge in managing. role and duty  that emphasis on sport movement.

  On Tuesday11th August 2015 at conference room in Savannakhet province was opened Sports Administrators Course for Savannakhet province presided by Mr. Somphou PHONGSA assistant to deputy Prime Minister, Vice President and Secretariat General of NOCL, Mr. Thavone INSYXIENGMAI Deputy Director General of Education and Sports Department of Savannakhet Province, including administrators within Province and from 11 districts in Savanakhet province had participated.

            The purpose of this course is to promote enhance knowledge for administrators in Savanakhet province especially is indicated the important role and duty of Sports Administrators to contributes physical education and sports in school, colleagues and each district in Savanakhet province. Moreover the participants were also learned about constitution of an organization, plaing a sport strategic, Developing in human resources ( coach, athletic, ), Sports Science 

       After ending of the course all participants had received a certificate of their attendances

WADA Delegation to visit Laos

WADA  Delegation to visit Laos 

WADA  Delegation to visit Laos 

Worrld Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Delegation to visit Laos during Feb, 26 - Mar, 1 2019  



National Olympic Committee of Laos Leaders and Staffs (NOCL) visited 301 Military Telecom School on occasion of the anniversary Army Day


            National Olympic Committee of Laos administrator officers visited the 301 Military Telecom School on 28 January, 2015 at Park Nguem district in Vientiane Capital by Mr. Kasem INTHARA Deputy Secretary General NOCL, Mr, Chanthone VONGPHENGKHAM Director General of NOCL Administration Department, Mr. Southanom INTHAVONG Deputy Director General of NOCL Administration Department and some NOCL staffs to visited Military School on Occasion of the 66th anniversary of Lao army day.

            The NOCL was warmly welcoming by colonel Khamlek  PHETSISOMPHOU the Director General of 301 Military Telecom School and all soldiers in is school, On the occasion the NOCL had given some Sports equipment  to the 301 Military Telecom School which costly about 8 million kips.

On this visited there had a friendship petanque competition between both Delegation NOCL members and Army members thereby to make strengthen relationship for ever.


Sports for 2019 SEA Games approved

Sports for 2019 SEA Games approved

The latest meeting of the SEA Games Federation Council has agreed to increase the number of sports to be contested at 2019 SEA Games 

The Vice Presidents secretary-general of Lao Olympic Committee, Mr. Kasem Inthara, who also heads Laos’s working committee at the SEA Games Federation Council, has attended a meeting of representatives of all member countries to discuss the list of sports to be included in the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines. 

As only 30 sports have initially been listed for next year’s games, the meeting convened a session to look at other sports, which member countries have proposed for inclusion. 

After more than three hours of discussion, 26 more sports were chosen to be included in the 2019 SEA Games, including chess, futsal, ice hockey, windsurf, soft tennis, indoor hockey, petanque, and lawn bowls, for instance. 

The SEA Games Federation Council’s working committee will meet again on November 22 in Manila to discuss the number of medals to be awarded to athletes at next year’s games. 

Chef de mission meeting for XXVII SEA Games in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar 2013


Chef de mission meeting for XXVII SEA Games in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar 2013


      According to the News from Olympic Council of Malaysia there was  a meeting for the Chefs de Mission Seminar 29th SEA Games 2017 was being held from 18-19 February 2017 at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. The Seminar is attended by Chefs de Mission and delegates from all the eleven (11) SEAGF Member NOCs. for the delegate from NOC of Laos  there were two delegate attending to seminar leader by Mr. Kaserm Inthara (SEAGF Council Member) and Mr. Sengphone Phonamath (Chef de Mission)


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Press conference for the sport activity to the 122nd Anniversary of the Olympic Days


Press conference for the sport activity to the 122nd Anniversary of the Olympic Day (23 June 1894 -23 June 2016 )


Beer Lao beverage Company and FBT Grand sports Company are the partners for this activity 



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