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Lao trainers get FIBA basketball coaching clinic

 Lao trainers get FIBA basketball coaching clinic

Mr. Somphou PHONGSA (seated, center), Mr. Michael HAYNES (seated, second left), senior officials of the Lao Basketball Federation  and Trainers at the office of the National Olympic Committee of Laos

Young basketball trainers in Laos will be able to pass on more skill to their junior players after training part in the FIBA basketball coaching clinic level 1 in Vientiane between October 22 and 28.

The coaching clinic is being attended by basketball trainers and players from Vientiane Secondary School, from Savanakhet, Luangphabang and Champasak  provinces and from the Lao Basketball Federation.

This is the first opportunity that the trainers here have had to work with such a top quality FIBA instructor as Mr. Michael Haynes from Australia. The coaching clinic will provide a very solid basic for the local trainers which will allow them to work with and develop the young players and build them up to become the national players of the future

The coaching clinic has been organized by the Lao Basketball Federation which supported by FIBA Asia and National Olympic Committee of Laos

The clinic began with the press conference at the office of the National Olympic Committee of Laos on Thursday which was attended by The vice President and Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Laos, Mr, Somphou PHONGSA and Lao Basketball Federation Secretary General, Dr. Alongkhone PHENGSAVANH.


ກອງປະຊຸມສາມັນ ຄົບຄະນະບໍລິຫານງານ ຄອລ 6 ເດືອນຕົ້ນປີ 2015


ກອງປະຊຸມສາມັນຄົບຄະນະບໍລິຫານງານຄອ 6 ເດືອນຕົ້ນປີ 2015

      ກອງປະຊຸມສາມັນຄົບຄະນະບໍລິຫານງານຄະນະກຳການໂອແລມປິກລາວ (ຄອ) ໄດ້ໄຂຂື້ນທີ່ຫ້ອງປະຊຸມຄອຂອງວັນທີ 9/09 2015 ໂດຍພາໄຕ້ການເປັນປະທານທ່ານພັນຄຳວິພາວັນຮອງນາຍົກລັດຖະມົນຕີ, ລັຖະມົນຕີວ່າການກະຊວງສຶກສາທິການແລະກິລາປະທານຄະນະກຳມະການໂອແລມປິກແຫ່ຊາດລາວ, ມີຄະນະບໍລິຫານງານໂອແລມປິແຫ່ງຊາດລາວພ້ອມດ້ວຍຜູ້ບໍລິຫານງານສະຫະພັນກິລາແຫ່ງາດແຕ່ລະປະເພດເຂົ້ຮ່ວມລວມທັງໝົດ 36 ສະຫະພັນໃນກອງປະຊຸມຄັ້ງນີ້ຄະນະບໍລິຫານງານຄອໄດ້ຮັບຟັງການລາງານຕ່າງໆໃນ 6 ເດືອນຕົ້ນປີ 2015 ມີລາຍລະອຽດດັ່ງນີ້

  • ທ່ານສົມພູພົງສາຜູ້ຊ່ວຍລັດຖະມົນຕີ, ຮອງປະທານ-ເລຂາທິການຄອໄດ້ຂື້ນລາຍງານການເຄື່ອນໄຫວໃນໄລຍະ 06 ເດືອນຕົ້ນປີ 2015 ແລະວາງແຜນຫົກເດືອນທ້າຍປີ.
  • ທ່ານກະເສມອິນທະລາຮອງເລຂາ-ທິການຄອຫົວໜ້າກຳມາທິການພົວພັນຮ່ວມມືສາກົນລາຍງານຮ່ວມມືກັບ, ໂອແລມປິກສາກົນ, ສະພາໂອແລມປິອາຊີແລະການພົວພັນຕ່າງໆກັບປະເທດສະມາຊິກໂອແລມປິກ.
  • ທ່ານແສງພອນພົນອາມາດຮອງເລຂາທິການຄອກຳມະການນັກກິລາລາຍງານຜົນການເຂົ້າວ່ມຊີເກມຄັ້ງທີ 28 ແລະກະຽມນັກກິລາເຂົ້າຮ່ວມເອຊຽນເກມ, ກິລາເອຊຽນເກມຫາດຊາຍແລະໂອແລມປິກຊາວໜຸ່ມ.
  • ທ່ານສີທາດຈັນທະບູລີລາຍງານຂະບວການກິລາມວນຊົນ, ວັນໂອແລມປິກ.
  • ທ່ານ. ອາລົງກອນເພັງສະຫວັນຮອງຫົວໜ້ກຳມະທິການແພດກິລາລາຍງານວຽກງານການແພດຂອງໂອແລມປິກ.
  • ທ່ານພູວັນວົງສຸທິກຳມາທິການການເງິນ, ນາຍຄັງຄອລາຍງານຖານະການກວດກາການເງີນຂອງຄອ 6 ເດືອນຕົ້ປີ 2015 


ກອງປະຊຸມສາມັນຄົບຄະນະບໍລິຫານງານຄອ 6 ເດືອນຕົ້ນປີ 2015

IOC and OCA representative visit NOC administration Officers

International Olympic Committee (IOC), representative Mr. Olivier Niamkey and Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), Representative Mr. Vahid Kardady visited National Olympic Committee of Laos (NOCL) on 9-12 February, 2015. The event was hold at meeting room of NOC to meet with NOC Executive Board, representatives of National Sports Federations and some NOC standing Committees, The representative IOC & OCA also courtesy call to Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Phankham VIPHAVANH the president of NOCL.

This visit is aimed at actuary a more in-depth knowledge about our NOCL and thereby will serve to improve the coordination and assistance, as well as to make sure that the NOCL is fulfilling duties toward the Olympic movement. This mission is also conducted a general evaluation of NOCL as subject to be discussed are followed:

  • Institutional. The NOCL’s rights and obligation & deriving from the obligation of being of the Olympic movement.
  • Administration and internal organizational structure of the NOCL.
  • Political and Social environment- the NOCL’s position and relationship within the country and the Olympic movement.
  • Finance – The use of the Olympic Solidarity / IOC funds, budget control, accounting and financial procedure and audit requirements.
  • Activities, the activities developed by NOCL on day-to-day basic and the NOCL’s approach to its primary mission to send athletes to Olympic game.

      Later on the IOC’s representative has visited the talented sport school to see the real situation of the process in learning and training of students. Afterward the delegation has visited the National Training Center and National Sport Complex to understand the basic reality of sport development in Lao PDR.

Watch Video Link:  https://youtu.be/A9YI90a27wI?t=3

National Olympic Committee of Laos ( NOCL) Celebrate the 121st anniversary of the International Olympic Day


      National Olympic Committee of Laos (NOCL) organized activities for sport in walking for health, doing aerobic exercise and cheerleading to celebrate the 121st anniversary  of the International Olympic Day, the event was hold on 27 June 2015 at National University Stadium areas, presided by   H.E Dr. Phankham VIPHAVANH    Deputy Prime Minister, President of NOCL. Which were participated by Deputy Ministers, Director General, 

Director of Department, Deans of National University under Ministry of Education and Sports, including students, teachers, officers in University and villagers join in this activities for more than 3000 participants

        On the occasion of ceremony Mr. Somphou PHONGSA, assistant of Deputy Prime Minister, Vice President and Secretariat General of NOCL gave a briefly remark about Olympic Day, especially to celebrate establishment of the 121st anniversary of the International Olympic Day ( 23 June 1894 – 23 June 2015)  and also remarks 36th anniversary of the National Olympic Committee of Laos (NOCL) recognized as a member of IOC since 1979.


      The objective of this activities is to promote the teenager, young people as well as the NOUL Students interested in doing physical education exercise and playing sports to as healthy, without illness and avoid from undesirable abuse of all participants. Before walking there was a demonstration of cheerleading group and all participants doing aerobic exercises, after that started walking about two kilo meters from the National University Stadium a long through the National University compass and returned to starting point.

            After finished activities it had a presentation of certificates to participants in this event.

see this event on YouTube, video given link below


Training course for Footvolley by Thai Footvolley instructors

Training course for Footvolley by Thai Footvolley instructors